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When it comes to getting married there are only a few things your guests will remember. One of them is your DJ. The other is your setting for your wedding. If you have a bad DJ, your party is doomed. But how do you know? Reading reviews? Well that's another blog I need to write, so for now let's tackle the art of finding the right location.

One of the best trends as of late is searching for historical landmarks. The photo above was shot in November 2018 at the Pasadena Museum of History. As a location is has a lot to offer. Outside is amazing. A long runway, a huge stairway up to your ceremony locations, ample area for at least 100 guests if not more, an area to get ready, a fantastic lawn area for first looks and so much more. Best of all though is the interior area that only the couple get to see. This shot was captured there. With this dress, it was simply amazing. I am not sure what the costs run, but those who run the location are very nice and humble. You can even get your engagement photos done here, but I'd say I had mixed feelings for this. But considering the need to pay at a lot of city locations now and all state properties, $350 may not be so bad considering what you can do within the grounds of this gem. Of course that's about what we charge for a session so it makes it an expensive venture. Let's face it, not many others will have this location for their engagement, but those that due, will never forget it.

See the rest of their day at their gallery page. We'd love to create one for you.

Pasadena Museum of History

470 W. Walnut St.

Pasadena, CA 91103


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