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Tom Keene wedding photography at LA Digital Photo :
A passion for people on the journey of life and love


Every moment in a wedding day is special and unique.  The ability to capture light is the skill that a professional photographer must have. Light is what is all about.  Lack of light can often too create moments that are unexpected, change moods of moments and the combination of these two is what your photographer must know how to balance.

Our wedding photography is available beyond the borders of Los Angeles, California and the United States.  Yes, we are destination photography team.  Let us join you and you will not be sorry. Contact us via chat here or email us or call anytime to discuss your needs.  Our affordable wedding photography is upfront and based on your budget.

[ You can chat with us anytime by selecting the Chat Here at the bottom of the page. If you are on a cell phone and there is a red dot, we have already messaged you! ]

View some of our Los Angeles Wedding Photography


Your investment in our work inspires us to create moments you might have forgotten even took place.  So much happens, so fast.  LAdigitalPhoto, provides their final product to you promptly.  Wedding event photography is available in 10 days or less at full capture resolution and edited for style, color balance, exposure and black level among other technical adjustments to bring the most out of each individual image.  We do not reduce the size of the files we provide to you.

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