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Pasadena Engagement and Ceremony Location - Pasadena Museum of History

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

There are many locations you may have driven by and wonder, what is the history of that building? The Pasadena Museum of History can be easily missed but once you visit it, it will not leave your memory. The site is a closed location - meaning you have to pay to use it for your ceremony or engagement session. As of last contact with Tim, the manager of the location, the rate is $350 for your session.

We know this means many simply will not go there for an engagement shoot, but just like a Prada purse, the price makes it exclusive and very very unique. For sure this is not a casual location. It's time to dress up. A vintage flare will certainly help.

Trinh and Derek knocked it out of the park. See their full session. These photos could easily be wedding day portraits but this is indeed a real couple on their engagement session. View other events we have had the privilege to capture here.

Construction of the onsite museum was completed back in the early 1930's. More recently other work on it took place in 2000. The museum is entirely supported by donations and admission fees. The exhibition galleries have an admission cost of $9 and you can also visit the Mansion as well for $17.

The Mansion was built in 1907 by Robert Farquhar and contains original furniture of the Fenyes Family. It is a absolute step back in time. By 1915 the property also had a second house built upon it known as the Curtin house designed by Sylvanus Martson among others. During tours of the internal home spaces, photography is not allowed. It's always an honor to be allowed to capture this location as couples step back in time on their most amazing moments in their lives.

If you love Pasadena and want to view its rich history, I can only recommend visiting the property. The exhibitions change and as of March 2022, the site is closed due to Covid. A lot can be learned by visiting their site as we await its reopening.

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