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Azusa Women's Club Wedding Photography Photographer Tom Keene LAdigitalPhoto


LAdigitalPhoto is comprised of an elite team of professionals. Tom realized that he could not be everywhere for everyone and has continued to surround himself with award winning photographers. All are full time professionals with backgrounds that spread from Nordstrom Fashion Photographer to behind the scenes movie still artist,  and so much more. The choice is yours to make...

LAdigitalPhoto Life Event Photography by Tom Keene Wedding Photographer

Master Photographer


My first wedding was shot in the late 80's and really in many ways, I have never looked back. Eighteen years after graduating college and leaving my long career in retail management from Circuit City and Target, I was finally able to create what you see here today. Over 1000 couples later, I have really come a long way and still feel I get better with each event.

Photo by Tiffany Kyees ©

Tiffany Kyees wedding and event photographer

Master Photographer


Tiffany has accomplished what many dream to aspire. Her passion for detail is why she is such a valued part of our team. Her work with the AIDS Foundation with Elton John speaks volumes to her experience with demanding situations.

Tiffany is now based in the state of Ohio and handles our east coast and mid west clients.


Cindy Liang Keene Wedding Event Photographer

Lead Photographer


I love to capture those moments that only I get to see in that instant it happens, but are fortunate to share them with those who love my perspective.

Photo by Tiffany Kyees ©

KaitieBrainerd LAdigitalPhoto

Lead Photographer


For years I was a photographer for Nordstrom's catalog. Today I am an accomplished event photographer. My style is to start with a natural, photojournalistic aesthetic and combine that style with my background in fashion and portraiture, to give it that editorial twist.

Valeria Allan wedding event photography

Lead Photographer


I have been a photographer, artist, time stopper, for half a decade now and absolutely love what I do! Wedding photography, is a special one... Witnessing two souls come together and proclaiming their love to each other is magical!

Danielle Kamens Event photography

Lead Photographer


I am amazed by the breadth of Danielle's work in the time that she has been a photographer.  Each shoot shows a unique view of the event at hand.  I think the constant smile and focus says it all and it illustrates why she does what she does.

Tom has brought the ultimate team together ensuring memories are captured in a unique and stylish eye...

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