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Los Angeles County Location Spotlight For Engagement Sessions - Manhattan Beach Pier

Like so many locations that we capture engagement sessions, once we start to shoot at the Manhattan Beach Pier after a break we are going to be returning soon and often. So many coastal beaches have piers that are covered in tourists. For the most part, this location is not as busy os the others.

Local beaches Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach offer other options but honestly Manhattan Beach has so much more to offer. Under the pier is the best place to bring a couple together. Expect to get wet in some way and have an interest in removing your shoes and walking in the water with your partner. It will show your trust in each other and allow some fun moments as you frolic in the waves.

Manhattan Beach Pier Engagement session LAdigitalPhoto Tom Keene photography

Manhattan Beach Pier, CA

In most cases, sunset is the time to have your engagement session. I highly recommend starting before that point, likely 35-45 minutes before the sun touches the horizon. Once it does, the light is gone almost immediately gone. You want to have the sun lower in the sky. In the end, I am up for anything that works in your schedule so get in contact with me and let's get on with the celebration!

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