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Victoria and Mark's Wedding April 13, 2024 Lombardi House, South Pasadena Holy Family Church, Pasadena City Hall

From the beginning of booking this couple I knew it was going to be fun. Not just because of the couple themselves but the groom was the brother of another client of mine, whose wedding was captured during Covid lockdowns. It really is something special to be allowed to capture a family like this. It means a lot to me be so honored.

Lombardi House wedding Tom Keene LAdigitalPhoto wedding photographer photography
Lombardi House

Even after shooting for 21 years, I have yet to capture all the venues in the LA region. Sure, I have captured many multiple times but it is always great to be able to visit a previously unvisited venue. Located at 1717 N. Bronson Ave.,The Lombardi House was built in 1904 but you would hardly know it based on the renovations that were bestowed up on it. Although not the original owners, it is named after a couple of Vaudevillian actors from the 1940's. Despite the weather on this day, it was a perfect way to have Victoria and Mark celebrate their wedding at the Lombardi House.

One thing that I have to mention is Victoria's smile. It was prominent throughout the entire day and I must admit even during moments of stress or duress (I won't go into the perfume incident), it quickly followed. In the image above, her mom was holding the mirror so I positioned myself to get this as fast as I could. There was a long table to get around.

Mark was happy too. I would be too if I had a brother like Brian. Having a familiar face around when shooting is always nice. As I had mentioned above, I shot Brian and his wife Valerie's wedding back in July of 2020. Brian was on it as a best man. So many who hold that title forget they are the go to person for the groom. Clearly these brothers love each other and would do what needed to be done without flinching.

Now I will have to tell you about, Victoria's maid of honor, Tessa. I do not think I can remember a single person who was as attentive throughout the entire day. Normally I have to do a lot of what she did, to make sure the bride was at her best. Tessa, thank you!

Victoria's mom made sure all the final details were perfect.

Now you would think in my time I would have seen everything. Well on this day I saw what looked to be glass slippers. I have seen this material used on other shoes, but never wedding shoes. It was a great match for this couple's fairytale wedding day.

When it comes to doing first looks, if asked I will tell all my couples YES! Why? Because it really is a great moment to capture. It will help you get those jitters out and frankly, it really is a wonderful exchange for the couple.

You will have to go see their gallery to see their kiss....

This court is one of the largest I have shot since Covid. So many have opted to go small these days. Thank you Victoria for getting us one step back to normal.


What a beautiful ceremony!

Ok Ok.... so I know you are itching to see the rest of the photos, so I will stop here and provide the link to see them all, all 5000+.

Congratulations to Victoria and Mark again!

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