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Swiss Park Banquet Center, Whittier, California- Wedding Venue Spotlight

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

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Swiss Park Banquet Center is a little gem in a city that has many options when it comes to your wedding event location.

Swiss Park is located off the 60 freeway just east of the 605 and has a very generous parking lot so it has support a very large gathering of your friends and family. The largest wedding we have ever covered there is approximately 300 guests and it will support a few more if you don't mind it feeling crowded.

This venue has a beautiful outdoor area for your ceremony. Although they tend to start their ceremonies right when there is mixed light across the gazebo, I would think if you read this first you will know to find out when sundown it and back up your timing from there to around 1.5 hours before sundown for the best light. It will also still give you time for your family and romantics as well.

There is a large grass area where you can take family photos just outside the gazebo ceremony location as well as an option.

The reception can be held in one of two rooms. The Matterhorn and the Alpine. The Matterhorn room is vastly larger. The Alpine room is for smaller events. The Matterhorn room can be very dark so we would highly recommend up lights.

The venue also can provide you with a room to get ready. This can help you save money overall without the need to finding another location for this time in the day. Overall the venue is budget friendly without having to give up on the overall feel and look.

1905 Workman Mill Rd.

Whittier, CA 90601

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