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Heritage Square Park Hacienda Heights, CA - Event Venue Spotlight - Los Angeles Wedding Photography

The Heritage Square Park in Hacienda Heights is a wedding venue in Los Angeles, not far from Dodger Stadium and downtown LA. Located off the 110 freeway, you may have driven passed it not even knowing what it was. As a child, I recall seeing these Victorian homes lined up along the freeway. Now some years later I have had the privilege of capturing a couple's wedding there.

Unlike what you might expect, this historic set of homes has a very low cost to rent for your Los Angeles wedding. The square appeared to be an entirely outdoor wedding venue, so please plan for options for unexpected weather, especially for your DJ. Yet, there does appear to be an indoor wedding ceremony location. Parking can be a bit tight, as street parking is limited and the lot is a long dirt and gravel parking area that has only one way in and out.

Although it looks small, it is spread out over several acres and provides a number of ceremony locations, including the steps of several of the Victorian homes, a large open grass area and inside the chapel. We were entirely outdoors during this shoot.

The reception area for this wedding was held with a train boxcar as its background and it made for a very unique texture to the overall day. More information about their current rentals can be found here. The capacity is not specified but I'd say a 150-200 would be the max.

Heritage Square

3800 Homer Street

Los Angeles, CA 90031

323-222-3319 Ext. 221

View images below and check out their full wedding

This wedding was captured in September of 2022.

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