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Eunice and Michael's Engagement April 6, 2024 Downtown Los Angeles Bradbury Building, Disney Concert Music Hall, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and John Ferraro Building

Updated: Apr 7

Now when it comes to engagement sessions there is always a point of anticipation as I await the couple to arrive. What have they chosen to wear? Are they going to be outgoing or need to be coached through the session? What is their vision of this moment in their lives? The list goes on and on. And every once in a while a couple will bring so much that it just seems effortless. This was the case on this session. It is a totally different vibe when you have a moment like this. Not to say that those that are not comfortable in front of a camera are undesired, far from the case. Those actually give you a great deal of satisfaction for the couple because when you break through and finally begin to capture them, you know their wedding day is going to be a breeze.

On this day we went on a fun walk to capture some classic downtown Los Angeles engagement photos.

in front of the bradbury building in downtown los angeles by tom keene LAdigitalPhoto engagement photographer
Bradbury Building in Downtown Los Angeles

So while waiting for Eunice and Michael to arrive, Cindy and I waited and watched as what seemed to be half the city show up to this location. I have probably driven past it a million times and did not know it was even there. If any of you have ever seen Bladerunner, starring Harrison Ford, you will know this building as soon as you see it.

It seems to be impossible to shoot inside. Both the client and I tried to get information on how to capture a few shots inside. No such luck. This session was captured on a Saturday after its 2pm closing time, so there was no way to get inside and even when we did some photos on the step in front, a security guard showed up and insisted we stop.

Bradbury Building DTLA Disney Concert Hall Street Engagement Photography DTLA Tom Keene LAdigitalPhoto Photography
On the forbidden step

Bradbury Building DTLA Disney Concert Hall Street Engagement Photography DTLA Tom Keene LAdigitalPhoto Photography
Inside the front door of the Bradbury Building

So inside was not to be captured with the couple, sadly. So off we went up the hill towards the Disney Concert Music Hall.

Disney Concert Hall Engagement Session Sunset Tom Keene LAdigitalPhoto

Eunice had sent me a few shots that she wanted to replicate. Originally we were going to do this shoot in Santa Monica the previous weekend but with all the rain, we opted to push it a week. I can't wait to shoot their wedding on August 24, 2024 at The Thursday Club in La Cañada.

DTLA Disney Music Concert Hall Engagement Photography Tom Keene

Disney Concert Hall Engagement Session Sunset Tom Keene LAdigitalPhoto

This is where they really settled in and got comfortable. On the steps they totally relaxed and just let me be invisible. We had just walked about 1/2 a mile and mostly uphill to get here so I think they were really at ease.

From here we walked to the front of the hall. Shortly after this we tried to go to Grant Park to shoot at the fountain there but it was shut down and blocked off. If you take the Grant park link you will see some images from the fountain as well as others that as we found out, were no longer operational like the waterfall fountain. I will have to go back and ask locals if it is totally out of commission.

John Ferraro Building Engagement Session Sunset Tom Keene LAdigitalPhoto

After walking up the stairs of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion we came to John Ferraro Building. Here we caught some great moments with the sunset. They finally fixed the fountains there, but apparently only on the north side of the building, but they would have been facing the wrong way to get moments like this.

Overall even with all the walking it was a fantastic day in the city and I hope they love the memories as much as I did capturing them.

Locations for this shoot

Bradbury Building

304 S. Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90013


Lobby Access Only

M-F 9-5

Sat 10-2pm

Walt Disney Concert Hall

111 S. Grand Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Access can be limited to the grounds based on concert schedules. Honestly it has been a few years since I have been able to get into the back areas of the Disney Concert Hall

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

135 N. Grand Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90012


John Ferraro Building

111 N. Hope St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012

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