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Fine Art Prints, Framed Prints, Framed Canvas Prints, Acrylic and Crystal Blocks and So Much More!

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

We have new photo pricing (most have gone down) and we have added a ton of new offers for your event gallery. In the 21st century, actual physical memories are fading in overall purchases unless you are counting coffee mugs projects, lol. People are happy to just have a photo on their phone it seems. But many of you have embraced our prints over the years, returning often to make more each year and add on with your growing families and second and third or more photo shoots with us. For that, we thank you!

Fall is here and it feels more like fall every day. Leaves are turning colors and dropping everywhere. So if you are ready for an updated session to your family, get with us ASAP as we will have limited availability this season due to a very very strong finish to the year with wedding and already booked family sessions.

In order to help you with making your walls come alive with the memories we have captured for you, we have also added a 20% off coupon offer. This can be used more than once and you can share it with family and friends as well. We have added it to your gallery page but you still have to enter it. We have also split from our long used photography lab and found the best labs for each product category we offer. This has brought down your costs so we lowered our pricing as well and still have the 20% off until the end of the year.

Every client gallery has a print store attached to it. Oh, as I am thinking about it, PLEASE make sure you download your gallery completely and at full resolution! Then back it up on another computer. Some of you still have galleries posted that date back 5 or 6 years and were provided a usb thumb drive. We no longer do this and hold the full resolution files online in the gallery for the last 2 years. Can't find your thumb drive, just ask us to upload the files to a new gallery for you so you can save them and back them up.

Now, let's show you some of what we can make for you from Fine Art Prints to Acrylic Framed Art and more.

24x36 Acrylic
24x36 Acrylic Print Direct to Acrylic $260 NOW $208

16x24 Acrylic
16x20 Acrylic Print Direct to Acrylic $105 NOW $84

Now of course that can be the same sizing and nearly the look of a framed photos, a metal print or even a canvas print. When it comes to prints our site will also help you understand what it is you are getting. So don't be confused by a metal oxide 4x6 which looks like a regular 4x6 but very robust in color and appearance vs. a metal print made with aluminum. Yes, you can print on aluminum. It is very very thin and sturdy.

Let's take a look at some more.

24x36Black Framed Canvas Print
24x36 Canvas Print with Float Frame $195 NOW $156

24x36 metal aluminum print
24x36 Metal Print on Glossy Aluminum $360 NOW $288

Above is a great example of the extra savings we are able to pass on with your new labs. Originally this 24x36 Metal Print (on aluminum glossy) would have been $405. With our new labs it is $360. Plus you can get 20% off, so now it is $288!

24x36 White Frame Black Mat Print
24x36 White Frame Black Mat Print $395 NOW $300 Plus 20% off! $240

24x36 Black Frame White Mat
24x36 Black Frame White Mat

We are using 2 labs for framed prints. It can be confusing but...

LAB 1 the size you order is the frame size so the print will be smaller and even smaller if matted.

LAB 2 the size you order is the print size so the frame is larger.

As an example:


Frame size is an 8x10 - Print with matting is 5.5x7.5 - Print without matting 7.2x9.2


Print size is an 8x10 - Frame will be 12.75x14.75 with matting

Now of course you may just want to order prints from us and then have them framed somewhere else. No problem, as you may know we can print photos from 4x6 to 30x40 and depending on the size, different papers are available from different types to weights from 8x10 and above you can get the following:

Metallic Photo Paper is a 178# (264gsm), Silver Halide based Photographic Paper with a high sheen, smooth textured Metallic coating. It offers a unique 3D effect.

Lustre Photo Paper is a 163# (242gsm), Silver Halide based Photographic Paper with a mid sheen, semi textured Lustre coating. It offers the most true-to-life skin tones.

Silk Photo Paper is a 176# (260gsm), Silver Halide based Photographic Paper with a mid sheen, linen textured Silk coating. It offers a nostalgic and vintage look.

Glossy Photo Paper is a 163# (242gsm), Silver Halide based Photographic Paper with a high sheen, smooth textured Glossy coating.

Do not confuse any of these with what you would get from CVS or what Costco used to make before getting out of the business. They used standard papers, often used die sublimation printers (think of what you may have seen on a Photo Booth) and frankly too often messed up the settings on the prints or would manipulate them in a way that changed how it was originally.

The labs we use are using archival paper stocks. This means they should not yellow or lose color for over 50-75 years. So your grandchildren should be able to view these like you did on day one!

Now the fun part... ordering. You can go to your gallery page at and search for your name. Either take the STORE link there and figure out what photo you want and how you want it made, or find the photo first and then select how it should be made. We are going to do everything we can to get these out by the holidays in December.

Thank you all, always! Questions? Text me directly at 714-394-4263 or go to and chat with me there.

Tom and team!

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