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Vasquez Rocks, Agua Dulce California - Engagement Location from Another World

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Los Angeles and Santa Clarita Wedding Photographer

Now I have to be honest, I could have sworn I had written about this location a long time ago, but apparently that never happened.

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area is located off the 14 freeway headed from LA to Palmdale, about 45 minutes north-west of Pasadena. Best known for its usage on the original Star Trek show in 1967 and others like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Blazing Saddles in 1974 and of course the hiding place of Tibercio Vasquez which the area is named after. This legendary rock formation is the result the San Andreas Fault activity and despite the occasional earth quake that rocks this area, the rock formations look exactly the same over all these years. You may remember that this was also the location for the live action movie of The Flintsones.

So why is it that this location is such a hot bed for shoots? Besides the obvious other worldly scenery, it just makes you feel like you have transported somewhere and what a fun feeling to have as you capture your engagement photos.

I am still hoping that one of my couples wants to do an early morning shoot here to allow for different looks due to the shadows. How about you?

Cindy and I had our engagement photos here and you can view the most recent engagement and maternity shoots from Vasquez Rocks. You really never know how busy it will be out there. I have shot there and had a difficult time getting photos with no one in the background and others when we were almost the only ones there. The cloud cover during certain days can really change the overall look as well. If you want to get to the peak of the mountain you will need some shoes that can survive the hike up. Heels are great for the look but please be sure to bring something like hiking or tennis shoes as we walk around the sand and the rocks.

One thing to know- The park is closed on Mondays


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