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Erika and Brendan Engagement Photography November 25, 2023 Pasadena City Hall, Pasadena, CA

Engagement Photography LAdigitalPhoto - Life Event Photography by Tom Keene ©

Engagement Location - Pasadena City Hall, Pasadena, CA

Now when it comes to doing engagement photos, I leave the location choice to the couple. Sure many need help deciding, but that's an advantage when you have been shooting for 20 years. The Pasadena City Hall is a great place for both engagement photography as well as a stop over for your romantics on your wedding day for venues like NOOR or Imperial Palace or even further venues depending on your timing and plans for your wedding day.

I met this couple at the La Canada Thursday Club. Yes, I shoot their often. It just so happens we are one on the preferred vendors for the location for nearly 9 years now. But as you will notice as your go through out blog pages, we go EVERYWHERE!

Erika and Brendan, were a great couple to shoot but I had one not so small hurdle to work with. Scroll down to the last shot so you can see what it was.

Some of the best moments is when the couple really doesn't know what you are doing. Using the metal work you see on the other side by them to shoot through allows me to frame the couple and makes your eyes move passed and into the depths.

On this Saturday, the Pasadena City hall was packed. The best day to shoot here is Monday early in the morning or on Friday around mid afternoon. Being here on any day near sunset is one that you will test your patience with as we waited for no less than 6 quinceañera shoots and I think 2-3 weddings and only one other engagement shoot. Yes, all at the same time. So in order to allow them to make their way through, we went across the street to the All Saints Church. We could hear a sermon going on so we had to be carful that the doors did not suddenly spring open. But I got the shots I wanted with no problems.

After finishing on the steps we opted to go to another corner across from the police station. The couple had noticed a small cropping of cacti. And since their are avid fans of cactus, I had to oblige. We even waited there for a few minutes while another photographer shot a couple of models. The wrought iron made a pretty backdrop while we waited.

After maneuvering around some of the cactus, I found this angle that I think suited them perfectly, especially since they even knew the species of the cactus. Who knew, adorable cactus lovers. It really is amazing what can bring two people together.

I had a few more moments I wanted to capture. You will notice I left out most of the shots inside City Hall. Well, I have shot there so often I didn't want to bore you and going offsite was a lot of fun and kept it unique. Congratulations to these two. I hope to be their first and only choice for their wedding day.

Oh, remember I told you to look at the last photo for the reason that made it a bit of a challenge. Maybe you already figured it out?

Yep, there is is just a bit of height difference, as you can see. Love knows no bounds! And I love that! Congratulations to Erika and Brendan.

Locations for this shoot

Pasadena City Hall

100 N. Garfield Avenue

Pasadena, CA

All Saints Church

132 N. Euclid Avenue

Pasadena, CA

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