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Pasadena Area Engagement Location - Burlington Arcade

Now despite this being a very posh area in London, England, the Burlington Arcade in Pasadena is a small strip of shops owned and operated by small business owners. It is made to look similar to the one in England. It even has a red phone box in the middle of it.

What makes this eye catching is the over all style of the shop windows and the architecture. It makes for a perfect little spot to capture some part of your engagement session. In order to make it easier and it is best shoot about an hour before sunset during spring and summer as most of the shops will be closed by this time so there are much less people walking around.

On March 13, 2023, I was asked to capture a couples' engagement session here. Funny enough if you look at the photo above on the top right, you will see a window and that was one of the places I had considered to open my office in some 5 years ago. I had totally forgotten about this little gem.

The Burlington Arcade in Pasadena was built in 1980 and meant to be a copy of the famous mall in London that was built in 1819. Today it hosts several charming shops and eateries. It is truly a step back in time.

Here are a few images from the session. At this time as best as we can tell there don't seem to be any restrictions on shooting at this location. We saw no presence of security or property management that limited out access.

After we finished at the Burlington Arcade, we walked around a bit and took more photos on the steps across the street at the Macy's as well as shooting over to the Pasadena City Hall.

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