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Pasadena City Hall - A Great Choice for Engagement and Wedding Day Romantics Photography

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Pasadena Engagement and Wedding Day Photography Location by Tom Keene

The Pasadena City Hall is a fantastic location for any photography needs. Centrally located in the heart of Pasadena, it is perfect to stop in from your event during your romantics, or set aside time for your engagement and pre-quinceanera photography needs.

When it comes to a place to go do your romantics and family photos, I can think of no better spot to go, assuming your venue has no options, than Pasadena City Hall. Built in 1927, this historical landmark of the city of Pasadena brings you to another time in history. Its charm and its many possible shoot locations make it a dream to shoot. It is often a bit of a wait as certain areas are often flooded with photographers waiting for their chance for the fountain area, the entrance on the west side and any of its 4 spriral staircases. And despite never actually doing a wedding here for a civil service, it is possible to get married there.

There is plenty of parking, only free after 5pm or 6pm, around the building. The parking meters accept coin and cards. Often parking can be limited but a few minutes of circling will often get you a great spot. Timing is everything at most locations for shoots, but I have found that no matter what time you go, you will get something unique.

The Pasadena City Hall never gets old, never! Every couple that I have had with me at this location brings something new and fun. Take a look below at some of the moments and visit our for full events from each of these couples.

Whether you are looking for pre-wedding, engagement photos, your wedding day romantics or your daughter's quinceanera or even headshots, you will certainly enjoy your time at this location.

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