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Imperial Palace, Pasadena, California - Event Venue Spotlight - Pasadena Wedding Photography

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Wedding Photographer

Imperal Palace is located in Pasadena, north of the 210 freeway on Lake Avenue. The wedding venue of the is a rather large marble laden event venues that you might have expected to find in Glendale or Burbank.

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Imperial Palace Wedding Venue in Pasadena Wedding Photography Photographer Tom Keene LAdigitalPhoto
Imperial Palace Wedding Venue in Pasadena, CA

The property has a rather small parking lot that is entirely valet. There is some street parking in the neighborhood but pay very very close attention to the parking signs.

The Imperial Place is not far from the Pasadena City Hall and makes a great stop between our church or ceremony location and your reception. There are no grounds to take photos. The inside is a large space with an ample dance floor and easily 200 wedding guests.

I believe the DJ is a fixture of this venue since 3 of the 5 times I have shot here, the DJ was the same, but perhaps it is just preferred vendor. Catering is also available for the venue and I am not sure that allowing another vendor into the location is possible. So keep this in mind. Having captured Persian, Armenian, Asian and Hispanic weddings at this location, the food has alway been amazing.

You will notice in the photos below a huge swing in lighting for the location. Too often the DJ's think having a constantly changing uplighting system is impressive. Perhaps it may be fun for the guest, but I will tell you as a photographer, this is not going to make your photos look their best. Pick a color and stay with it with some variations depending on special moments during your reception. If you insist on having a rainbow of colors you can expect your photographer to either use constant flash, light stands or other means to maintain on overall consistent look for your photos. Nobody wants a horse of different colors when it comes to your wedding dress.

Overall, among the what we call the marble palaces, this is among the best.

Imperial Palace

1175 North Lake Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91104

View our work at this location - We have no travel fees to this location!

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