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Top Garden Wedding Locations in California - Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Los Angeles Wedding Photography Tom Keene The Affordable Wedding Photographer

Congratulations on your engagement. Now the fun part, searching for a garden style wedding venue of your dreams. Here is our top list of locations with that look and feel.

The River Garden Weddings in Vista - Hard to Find, Harder to Forget

The River Garden is an amazing outdoor wedding venue located in Vista Ca, not far from San Marcos. The number of options for your ceremony background may be too many to count. Waterfalls everywhere, with a bridge and any number of other options. To keep the sound down during your event they have a unique down firing speaker system that is covered as is the rest of the outdoor reception area. This venue is under constant growth as they take feedback and ensure you have a most perfect wedding.

The 1909 in Topanga - A perfect under 130 person guest list

The 1909 is located in Topanga. This venue has a unique set up on their grounds. A large home that you can use for your getting ready downstairs and your reception after hours at night. On the property is a theater style deck which is perfect for your ceremony and blow that is a large outdoor rustic feeling grass area.

The Huntington Library in San Marino - The ultimate wedding venue

The Huntington Library is a premiere wedding venue. There are few venues that come to mind that are this exclusive. With ample locations for your ceremony choices depending on your number of guests, beautiful options abound, you cannot go wrong. Do expect a very large investment for having your wedding take place here, but if money is no object then be prepared to have the most impressive wedding.

The Houdini Mansion in Los Angeles - It's all magic!

The Houdini Mansion is a combination of an amazing home and the magical landscaping that surrounds it. Situated in the hills of Los Angeles, the Houdini Mansion can accommodate over 100 guests on the grassy area below the estate. There truly isn't an area where you can capture a bad memory.

The Los Angeles Aboretum in Arcadia - The alternative to the Huntington Library

The LA Arboretum is a very large venue. There are a few areas where you can hold your ceremony and reception. We have shot many engagement sessions here and a handful of weddings. The Arboretum can have weddings from 100 to 300 guests or more depending on your wishes. We love this location and you will too!

The Los Angeles River and Gardens in Los Angeles - In the heart of LA!

The LA River and Gardens venue is a hidden gem. Located near the well known Los Angeles River and provides a very welcome feel as you are surrounded by ivy covered walls. The gates and fountain are a local favorite for couples for their photos. Having grown up in this area as a child it is a favorite of mine. It has been over 5 years since we have captured an event here and cannot wait to be back.

Houdini Mansion and an Olympic swimmer... Now that was a fun wedding!

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