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Houdini Mansion, Hollywood, California - Event Venue Spotlight- Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Los Angeles Wedding Photography Tom Keene The Affordable Wedding Photographer

A magical venue is an understatement. The Houdini Mansion Estate is a 5 acre spread of property including the estate and surrounding grounds, that include sights so few will ever see in person.

What are the wedding costs for the Houdini Estate? For a historic property, expect a historic wedding budget. The starting rate for the location is $16,000 and can vary up from there depending on the weekend you choose. You and your fiancé can stay the weekend and so can your 6 closest friends. The ceremony location and the reception will take place outside so plan accordingly.

We will warn you, despite this being one of the most beautiful locations to get married, you will be expected to not have a loud event. Yes, you can have music and a dance floor, but you will literally be policed for sound levels of your DJ so you will not be feeling your music. There is a major sound ordinance in this neighborhood and they will follow it.

The property supports approximately 300 people for your ceremony and reception. A more intimate wedding will certainly be a better choice of around 75-100 guests to be realistic. You are allowed to provided your own catering and alcohol. Parking will likely be your biggest limit to the number of your guests and expect to have a parking attendants.

The Houdini Estate

2400 Laurel Canyon Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90046



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