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Cambria Pines Lodge, Cambria, California - Event Venue Spotlight - Cambria Wedding Photography

Cambria Pines Lodge is located in the heart of Cambria, just above the downtown area. Located just off PCH, Cabrillo Highway 1, approximately 1 hour north of San Luis Obispo. The wedding venue of the lodge is suited for smaller 50 or less guests in the outdoor ceremony locations but can handle larger reception parties. Frankly, it is the key wedding venue for a perfect intimate ceremony.

The property has ample parking for your event and the option of an indoor or outdoor reception, weather permitting. You can certainly stay at the local facilities that provide you rooms for the couple where they can get ready apart.

The Cambria Pines Lodge is surrounded by private gated areas and tree lined paths that will really place you in a fantasy wedding location. Getting away from the venue and heading to the Moonstone Beach area is the perfect place to do your moment alone after the ceremony. Be prepared for windy conditions.

We can certainly highly recommend Cambria Pines Lodge for your intimate wedding. Hopefully one day we will be on their preferred vendor list. But considering we are based in Los Angeles and couples have us drive up to capture their day, we must be doing something right!

Cambria Pines Lodge

2905 Burton Drive

Cambria, CA 93428


View our work at this location - We have no travel fees to this location!

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