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Lauren and Brian Wedding Laguna Hills Civic Center February 2, 2024

Wedding Photography LAdigitalPhoto - Life Event Photography by Tom Keene ©

Wedding Location - Laguna Hills Civic Center, Laguna Hills, CA on February 2, 2024

Reception Location - Private Residence, Coto de Caza, CA on February 2, 2024

Having worked many years myself not 200 yards from their wedding location, I had no idea the Laguna Hills Civic Center was even there. What a pretty location for a wedding. Upon arriving, I was surprised by how many couples were there awaiting their turn to head in and get married. There had to be no less than 5 couples and Lauren and Brian were not even there yet.


Once there, it was a matter of waiting for some other parts of their family to arrive and then time to check in. I got on with capturing some candid moments of them while we waited for them to be called back in.


We had a few minutes so I captured some family photos of the couple and a few of them alone as well.


Many times, at moments like these, the couples can look a bit stressed. I think with family there and just these two in general, it was going to be a fun time.


Once it got started you can see that reality finally hit Lauren. There is really no way to avoid this moment at some point in the day. Emotions run high and once she was there with Brian while the officiant was reading something about marriage, that the emotions of this moment could no longer be hidden.


The ceremony was very fast as all of them are and after a blessing from Brian's father, we headed out to the courtyard again for some more photos of them all and some romantics like the first shot of shown above. I love how they added the background in the room. Nice touch, so many of them are just typical courtroom wall or a window with blinds.


Now we had to wait an entire day for their reception party at Brian's parents house.

Congratulations to Lauren and Brian on tying the knot on this beautiful day in Laguna Hills.

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