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LAdigitalPhoto - We Love Your Feedback! Write A Review For Your Wedding Photography And More

Los Angeles Wedding Event Photography, Videography and Photo Booth Services Reviews

This blog is going to nearly 3 years of our clients. But for those that will find it after it's initial posting we invite you to please write and share your reviews for us to these locations. Each review helps us not only hear back from you, our clients, but also helps us grow our exposure on each of these platforms. We even get recognition from some like The Knot, for attaining a certain number of them and getting named photographer of the year based on your locations as well as ours. It is a great honor and I just love sharing them with the team at the end of the year.

We know since Covid, people have been less likely to take the time to share these comments with us and others. In the 20 years of doing this, this is actually the first time I have ever even asked in this manner, leaving it to our initial request when we send out your files. Understandably, we get it. Once you see your photos, download them and share and print them, you may forget to go back and take the time to fill out a review. That's why I am doing this.

So please, when you have a moment, write up a review on one of these platforms. Then copy and paste it on another... or all of them if you can, it really helps us. For those of you that did already do this, we'd even love to hear stories of what it has meant to you to have your images to look at over time.

Did you know that likely your photos are still on our gallery page? Have you downloaded all of them yet or did you just pick out your favorites? Be sure to download them all on as many computers as you want and PLEASE back up that drive. In the last few months we have had more than a handful of our clients reach out in panic, not being able to find their event or have misplaced their thumb drives (we used to do that but have found digital download way easier and more convenient.) Plus with new equipment, many events just were not able to fit on a thumb drive due to file size limitations. From fires to floods to simply loosing them and stolen laptops and many other reasons, we really want to make sure you have all of them. Even though we said we would host your events for 12-24 months, it is actually closer to 5 years. It is terabytes of data we have stored in the cloud and on physical hard drives but even we have had issues and we back up and back again.

You will notice a 20% off coupon listed on your gallery. Use it once, use it twice, there is no limit at this time. We are also looking into changing our labs we use to ensure we provide the best physical prints, acrylics, canvas prints and so much more. The holidays are coming so get those orders in soon.

Thank you times 10 or 100 and more for allowing us to be there for you all. So many of you have referred us to friends and family and repeatedly called upon us to capture other life events like your holiday events and family photos, it has been just great to see you all over and over again.

Places to leave reviews

Yelp! 128 5 star reviews. It is always better to launch your Yelp App and then search for us there or go to and then search. When you take the link it will take the review, but it really doesn't use it since you went straight to our page.

The Knot 89 5 star reviews. The Knot continues to be the gold standard for reviews in the wedding industry. We get awards from them each year and we don't even advertise with them at all.

Google 44 5 star reviews. Google has always been a challenge. We don't know why so few find us there and leave us a review. I like it since it is one of the few that let you post your own favorite photos on the review.

Bark 113 5 star reviews. We find so many of you on Bark. Most don't realize how much it costs to get your contact info from you there and one of the best ways we can get more is by having more reviews.

Thumbtack over 218 reviews and hired over 422 times there. Thumbtack still remains one of the best places for us to find new clients.

Weddingwire 108 5 star reviews. They are now owned by The Knot but it is kept separated. It's one of the oldest search sites for couples still around.

And if you know any others feel free to spread the word. Our best and always most appreciated way for you to help is by word of mouth. When you hear about someone getting engaged or about to propose, have the call or message us. They can even chat with me anytime on our site with the Chat with Tom link. We do truly hope you loved working with us. So many of you, it is beginning to feel like family (it is really amazing) with so many of you who call us back again and again and running into you at an event of one of your family is the best!

Thank you all, sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Heck, my whole heart for that matter. Can't wait to read your comments and can't wait to see you all again some time.

Tom Keene and team

@ladigitalphotos on IG - follow us there and ask your friends and family to follow us too and tag us on your photos you post, as well. You can also come back to our site anytime and take the link to instagram and see our posts there as well, if you don't happen to be on the platform.

All You Need is Love

Yep, all you need is love and we really do love all of you!

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Edeler Cuadra
Edeler Cuadra
23 oct 2023
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. The memories we will cherish from all the photographs and video that he took are gonna be forever. Thank you so much Tom we appreciate that you did all this for us so we can remember the special moment forever. our daughters quinceanera was a very special moment in our life and you made it even more so thank you for everything. Fantastic job I recommend you to all.

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