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It's Family Season

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Sure, many think of the holidays as a time to get and give presents. But nothing is more valuable than your time. Get together with family as much as you can. Sure be safe in these times, but don't let life keep you from living.

All of our team is vaccinated. We understand it is not full proof but it's really time to start living and making new memories. Let us help you.

What should you do? Well invite everyone over for a BBQ or to just be together and invite one of our team for an hour to get photos of the event. Unlike anyone else out there, as many of you know, we can share photos instantly. In today's world it is all but expected, but we can do it and are happy to share them with anyone, anywhere, even those who could not make it. LAdigitalPhoto is a certified professional for Aircam. Even though the company is looking to drive their experience with other vision, we can still use them to share your memories.

Where should you do it? It's really up to you. Since we now have a photographer in San Diego and one as far away as Ohio and the rest of California is covered by more than one of us and then some, it truly is up to you. Need ideas? We can help. We know a ton of places to go to from the beach to the mountains to a redwood forest in Brea and we are certainly happy to find new ones if you have any recommendations.

First birthdays, 50th wedding anniversaries, micro weddings, graduation sessions and more are all just a fraction of what we can do. Don't forget the holiday party for your family or even your company.

Pasadena - La Canada - La Crescenta - Los Angeles - Alhambra - Hollywood -Shell Beach - Pismo Beach - Cambria - Santa Monica - Redondo Beach - Venice Beach - Newport Beach - Irvine - Brea - Costa Mesa - San Diego - Imperial Beach - Temecula - Arcadia - Fallbrook - Huntington Beach - Ventura - San Luis Obispo - San Francisco - Modesto - San Jose - Oakland - Whittier - Dana Point - San Luis Capistrano - Corona - Corona Del Mar - Upland - Hawaii - Aruba - Tustin - Oahu - Maui - Kawaii - Bakersfield - Big Bear - Arrowhead Lake - Mammoth - Eagle Rock - Glendale - Beverly Hills - Venice - South Pasadena - Alhambra - Sierra Madre - Altadena - Palos Verdes - San Dimas - Diamond Bar - Pomona - Ontario -Anaheim - Long Beach - Riverside - Murrieta - Oxnard - Thousand Oaks - Santa Barbara - San Jose

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