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Hyatt Mission Pacific Hotel, Oceanside, CA - Event Venue Spotlight - Oceanside Wedding Photography

Oceanside and Los Angeles Affordable Wedding Photographer Tom Keene Photography

The Hyatt Mission Pacific Hotel in Oceanside, CA is really two locations in one. The hotel next door, The Seabird, is also a great option. Located at the beach in Oceanside, the Mission Pacific Hotel is a beautiful setting for either an indoor or outdoor wedding.

Mission Pacific Hotel, Oceanside Entrance
Mission Pacific Hotel, Oceanside Entrance

The Hotel is a great place to use as your home base to have your wedding elsewhere or on the property as well. You have an option to be inside a unique banquet room that is adorned with a fireplace and a wall of books or you can use the outside location and then use the inside location for your reception. There are really a lot of options here. The Seabird Hotel next to this location is a sister hotel, so you also have access to the salon they have as well.

We know that this location is not exactly the cheapest in town so do expect a premium rate for the accommodations as well what we thought were extremely high costs for your meals. We were simply blown away that a meal that consisted of fish and vegetables was $100 per person. And we were truly grateful that our clients included us in this meal.

Everything is close by and easily accessible, including a rooftop bar that had a perfect view of the Oceanside Pier by the pool area. If you want this shot, make sure you have a room key with you when we head up there. There are also open air catwalks between the two buildings on the property that make for amazingly lit photos.

On this particular day in September of 2023, rain was not expected, the couple chose to have their wedding inside. A photo of the outdoor location is shown above. The location at the Seabird, is a better outdoor location in our opinion. Yet with either outdoor ceremony location this hotel has one major issue, one that was prominent both times we have shot here. NOISE!

With the hotel right next to the street and just up a hill from the pier area and what is an obnoxious stage area, you are at the whim of any car honking its horn, motorcycle revving their engines or simply rude people who can't seem to get that not everything is about them and the most intrusive loud events that are held at the state, often not even legally sanctioned. Imagine walking up to your husband to be while someone is screaming in the background about any number of things while playing loud music. If you are a person who doesn't care about a serine place to wed, then go for it.

201 North Myers Street

Oceanside, CA 92054

You may have noticed that the photos above do not provide any identifiable image of the couple. They opted to have us not show them. If you wish to have a private photo gallery and no social media postings that show your faces, please contact us for those rates. Whether you are a celebrity, sports phenom, a judge or a police officer or you just don't want your wedding shown, we ask that you discuss this with us before hand. Understand that many many photographers only show you fake weddings in their profiles. They use models and then lock all their real weddings behind guarded galleries, and they charge a fortune for it. We do not do this. We provide very affordable wedding photography and show them and host them for your benefit and the ability to show our work. If you don't want your wedding shown, we ask that you contact us to discuss the option.

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