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Falkner Winery, Temecula, California - Event Venue Spotlight - Winery Wedding Photography

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Los Angeles Affordable Wedding Photographer Tom Keene Photography

The Falkner Winery is a beautiful wedding venue located in the heart of the of the Temecula Valley wine country. Located on a hill, it provides a very picturesque venue with hills, vines and so much more.

Falkner Winery Wedding Photography by Tom Keene Photography Affordable
Falkner Winery Temecula, CA

Since I had not been here in over 6 years, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had gone through some changes, at least changes for me. The ceremony site was now down below the main parking lot and the getting ready room has been created or updated. When I first shot here, it was just a small room above the wine storage area. Now with AC and lots of space, you can really make it special.

The entire property is a functional winery. With that there are spaces that may be visited by others during your getting ready time. By the time you start your ceremony, the location is closed to anyone other than you and your guests. I have seen other wineries not close completely and unless they are just huge and can allow for isolation, it is a mistake.

Your guests will need to be able to access a lower area for the ceremony. An elevator and stairs are present to make this journey down a long slopping path towards the ceremony location. Further assistance may be needed to get down one final flight of stairs before reaching it. There is ample space for at least 100 guest. Consider your timing for your ceremony here. Even though it is surrounded by trees this is a very bright outdoor location. Plan ahead and consider shade options for your guests depending on the time of year.

Based on the size and layout, we do recommend you have two photographers for this location especially if the guys will be on the property getting ready. Each party can get ready apart and there is no chance you will run into each other. You are also hidden well enough to avoid being seen by guests as well, allowing you to stay focused on getting ready.

To the west of the main building is a large area for your reception. The times I had been there before this was also the ceremony location. Expect a beautiful sunset if weather permits. This areas has space for a large dance floor and cover for your DJ and bar. Otherwise this is truly an outdoor venue. The dance floor has nice lighting above it which adds the the already existing charm.

We can't say enough about this location and hope to be returning soon.

Falkner Winery

40620 Calle Contento

Temecula, CA 92591

951-676-8231 Extension 102

Questions? Please just message us here. If we are awake and near our phones we will respond. Just use the Chat box below.

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