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Czarina and Douglas' Wedding Photography April 27, 2024 Victoria Beach, California

Updated: May 6

Wedding Photography LAdigitalPhoto - Life Event Photography by Tom Keene ©

Wedding Photography Location - Victoria Beach, CA

I have captured weddings all over California, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada and a few other places in my career. On this day I had the privilege of being the photographer of Czarina and Douglas at this home just south of Laguna Beach. Not your every day home in the OC, but a 6 story cliff house that over looked the Pacific Ocean.

Beach Wedding Summer Look in Spring Photography Photographer Tom Keene LAdigitalPhoto

Down on Victoria Beach after the ceremony

Upon arrival I quickly found out this was going to be a leg training day. Yep 6 stories of stairs, I think 7 if you could the flight down to the sand.

Beach Wedding Summer Look in Spring Photography Photographer Tom Keene LAdigitalPhoto View out of Window Beach

Not a bad view, right?

Surrounded by the view of the ocean on every floor from every window, I knew this was going to be a beautiful wedding day.

Perfectly inspired head dress Beach Wedding Summer Look in Spring Photography Photographer Tom Keene LAdigitalPhoto

Czarina's hair and make up were already completed when I started. She looked radiant. Her accent pieces perfectly matched the dress and the whole ensemble.

smart choice wedding dress for beach wedding

Simple and elegant dress. Perfect for a beach wedding.

traditional look mens suites at a beach wedding

While the ladies were finishing up getting ready, the guys were having fun down on the lowest level. Douglas was as calm as I have seen any groom. So many are showing signs of worry or stressing about the day. And that is so great to see.

wedding dress for a beach wedding.  simple and elegant

Back up a few stories of stairs, Czarina posed for a few video sequences for their videography team. So I decided to capture a few candids of her. Some of the guests got a chance to see her from up above.

great colors on bridesmaids dresses for beach wedding

The ladies were ready to go!

stairs 6 levels in a beach home

Back down the stairs....

perfect flower colors for beach wedding with a view

Imagine this as your location for your wedding. Just perfect! The process was unique. Each level of the home had a balcony. So upon arrival the guests were given a shell with a pearl in it that let them know what level they needed to be on to view the wedding. Immediate family and the wedding party sat on this level to view the ceremony.

wedding gallery for a beach wedding

Others looked from above and then some straight down on their ceremony.

unique way to arrive at your beach weddding

While the wedding party came down from one level, the bride snuck around and down to the lower level so she could process from the stair case to the left of where the ceremony took place. Wow, what a great way to enter... and you will see on the next photo, our groom was starting to show signs of this moment, finally happening.

bride enters

The owner of the home was the officiant there on the left. Douglas looks across as Czarina appears, while his mom and dad, aunt and god parents watch her come up to their level of the ceremony site.

amazing view for a beach wedding

And so it began...

expect wildlife to appear at your beach wedding

There were a couple fly overs as the ceremony took place. From helicopters to this flight of birds, but all eyes were on the couple.

keep your attitude lite on your wedding day.

It was hard to avoid stepping on the veil but he did a great job of getting around and catching up.

walking on the sand on your beach wedding

After family photos we got to head to the sand and take some great romantics of them.

sunset wedding moment don't miss it!

And as the sun set, the party was just getting started.

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