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Best of the Knot 2024 Award Winner Again!

Los Angeles Wedding Photography Tom Keene The Affordable Wedding Photographer

Instead of saying we are surprised, as we have been in the past by being voted top photographer and videography team for 2024 by the Knot, when we don't even advertise with them, we think we will just let our favorite review that was selected for this award say it all for us...

We are again voted Best of the Knot for 2024!

"Working with Tom Keene for our wedding photography was like having a BEST friend behind the lens. And Tom IS a professional photographer friend. Trust Tom, don't trust your-amateur-friend-behind-the-camera-friend to take the same pro quality shots. Let your amateur down gently: you can tell them, "thanks for offering but we hired someone, friend." From the start, he was communicative and able to work with our budget. Tom captured our family moments and the ceremony by the Pasadena City Hall fountain with familiarity and ease. We gave him a shotlist and he knew exactly what we were trying to do and lent his professional skills toward our vision. This is so crucial because we felt like we were actually collaborating together. The pacing of his work was perfect, never rushed, yet efficient. His experience, particularly at Pasadena City Hall, was evident as he guided us through various beautiful shots, from playful bubble photos to elegant poses with a Porsche. He knew the place, the lighting, the timing, and the passerby behavior like the back of his hand. We didn't skip a beat, there was no downtime, every moment was used wisely and seamlessly as we scooted from one spot to another. Our entourage worked so well with Tom that it felt like they've been friends for years. Having been in makeup & hair since 3am for a 9am shoot, I was tired, but this photoshoot energized me and kept the excitement going for the rest of the day. I also had some bra issues and Tom gave me a single pro-tip that saved me from any wardrobe malfunctions. If only Janet Jackson had Tom on her team. We had a hater intrude at one point, she heckled us and told us about how her god prefers things one way or another, in stereotypical bigoted (lack of) fashion. Without hesitation, Tom stood up for us and called security promptly while he shielded us--"love is love," he said as he stepped in front of her. These security services weren't listed as part of the photo package, but I felt as safe as Taylor Swift in a sea of fans--because Tom went above-and-beyond. 5/5 Compassionate, empathetic, professional, top notch...are words that I would use to describe him. Would love to work with Tom again. And you would too."

Audrey and Christine

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