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The Wedgewood Vellano, Chino Hills, California - Wedding Venue Spotlight

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

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Among all the Wedgewood locations, this is among the best based on the looks of it as well as its staff. Since the location is hidden in the hills, you may not be aware of its existence. The Wedgewood Vellano in Chino Hills allows for multiple ceremony locations as you can view below.

From our understanding the Wedgewood properties are a great value for your celebration. Both your food and your DJ are fixed to their vendor requirements. I am not aware if you have the choice to not use them for food and DJ, but consider this if you want a specific vendor like your DJ.

The venue is behind a security gate so there is little chance of being interrupted by outside location guests. The grounds are very well manicured and being on the hill there you have a great view of the sky. Parking is not a problem as it completely surrounds the property.

What makes this a rather unique location is that everything you need is there, even getting ready areas. The men and women rooms are across from each other and both provide a place once you are dressed to relax. The women's area has great light for even doing your make up as well as a small dressing room that is private.

Your ceremony and reception all take place on the property. With a total guest size of approximately 200 people, you will have ample room for your ceremony set up as well as the hall without feeling cramped. There is a bar in a room to the side of the main reception area. There is space just outside the reception hall for a photo booth and a place to get away from the sound of the event as well as a lovely balcony to get some fresh air. Both stairs and an elevator allow access to this second floor area.

Wedgewood Vellano

2441 Vellano Club Dr

Chino Hills, CA 91709

View our two most recent weddings captured at this venue. Visit this link to see all our work from the last 6 years at all the Wedgewood properties.

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