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The Wedgewood Galway Downs, Temecula, California - Wedding Venue Spotlight

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

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Stunning, absolutely stunning! As a wedding photographer, I can ensure you will love this venue. In all the Wedgwood venues, this is simply the best. Wedgewood Galway Downs is located in Temecula and not a winery venue.

From our understanding the Wedgewood properties are a great value for your celebration. Both your food and your DJ are fixed to their vendor requirements. I am not aware if you have the choice to not use them for food and DJ, but consider this if you want a specific vendor like your DJ.

This property is really spread out. The grounds are very well manicured and include a large pond, lake, fountains, brooks and a large barn like structure that will host your reception.

The venue screams nature. Large grass areas and dirt paths as well as tree cover are plentiful. The men and women's getting ready rooms are far apart. There is no way you will ever run into each other before the ceremony and a fun chariot ride awaits to pick up the bride and bring her across the property to the ceremony.

Your ceremony and reception all take place on the property. With a total guest size of approximately 300 people, you will have ample room for your ceremony set up as well as the barn that opens up giving you the feeling of being outside. There is a bar in a room to the side of the main reception area. The parking lot is large but a bit of a distance from the ceremony and reception areas.

Wedgewood Galway Downs

38801 Los Corralitos Road

Temecula, CA 92592

View our most recent wedding captured at this venue. Visit this link to see all our work from the last 6 years at all the Wedgewood properties.

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