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Thank you to those who have booked us from the event. That is 6 amazing clients who saved a ton

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Updated November 23, 2023 at 11:42 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We know we hit a sweet spot with our special offers at the Thursday Club this last weekend. Because of the success and the request from a few more, we are going to extend the special rates until the end of the month. That will give you enough time to make a decision. Ready to book now? Just text Tom directly at 714-394-4263 and start the conversation. Need some other kind of coverage and time etc? Just get us the details.

All winners of the free engagement session have accepted! We can't wait as we capture them Thanksgiving weekend.

Do we go anywhere else besides the Thursday Club, yes of course we do. Anywhere from San Diego to San Luis Obispo with NO TRAVEL FEES! Come view our work, we are about to post Saturday's wedding we shot in Vista, CA.

Want to CHAT? Go to our site and select the CHAT WITH TOM icon or for those who visit on mobile there is a chat bubble there. Once you hit the site, I will see it and I will be on now until 9pm tonight otherwise leave a message and I will respond as soon as I can.

Here is the flyer we gave out as this is going out to a larger set of couples you may not have met us that day. So if you still need your photographer and or videographer.

The prices above will expire November 30, 2023!

You can also go to Here to see the most recent event we shot this month.

Questions? I am here to answer them. Need help with other vendors, we have a referral page or just ask. Still need your dress, we can get you in contact with a few shops and designers who would love to help.

Talk with you all soon!

Tom Keene

@LAdigitalPhotos Follow us if you have not already.

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