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South Park Center, Los Angeles, CA - Event Venue Spotlight - Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

South Park Center Los Angeles Wedding Photography Tom Keene The Affordable Wedding Photographer

How many times have your driven around downtown Los Angeles and looked up to see what was once the AT&T Building, that is now marked with U.S.C.? It's known as South Park Center. When you see the top two floors and realize that area can be where you get married and celebrate your reception, you get the idea that you can float among the clouds. How do you get to be someone who gets married up there and celebrate on the roof for a bit? Contact Tammy Lee at 213-741-7411 and let her know we sent you!

The South Park Center penthouse has two main rooms. The east facing one is used for your ceremony and for your dinning. The east facing one is for your reception. What a view! But when you get to climb one story of stairs, you can access the helicopter pad on the roof for a few minutes to do your romantics and some family photos while they flip your ceremony location into your dinning room and your guests go to the other room for some cocktails. There is no smoking anywhere on this property and if your guests insist on breaking this rule on the available balconies, they will close them, so please make sure you get the word out! Parking is located across the street but I believe the couple can park in the lot at street level.

We can highly recommend the South Park Center for your downtown Los Angeles wedding.

1150 S. Olive Street
Los Angeles, CA

Funny story continues below photos...

Los Angeles Wedding Photography South Park Center

So, you may be wondering why there is a close up of a helicopter in the photos above. So on this day in history, the Rams returned to the Coliseum. Right when the couple's ceremony was going to end and our drone was supposed to be flying around to capture them we were up against a no drone fly zone within 2 miles of the arena. Our only option was to have our drone pilot leave the venue once we figured this out and go find a helicopter who could fly him back, wait for the restriction to be lifted for helicopters ( just after kick off). So you will see our team buzzing the South Park Center while their couple's photos were being captured. There was no way for us to know when booking the client the year before that their wedding day would be a lockdown situation for drones. This is why we cannot guarantee drone coverage. We can only do our very best to solve it if there is a restriction.

Come see a full wedding of photos and video from the South Park Center. The getting ready photos were completed at a local Airbnb property, a great idea!

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