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Happy 75th Birthday Uday!

Celebrating a birthday is no big deal. You usually just have to show up. It can't be easy to get this many people organized and in the same place at the same time! Well this family pulled it off!

I got a chance to talk with Uday during his celebration. He is still working when most would have already retired. He named more than a handful of hospitals, all of which I recognized from around the country. He had worked at them all. He was very proud of his family. He introduced me to nearly all of them and his friends, some of which worked at JPL. This room was filled with a lot of smarts.

Today was a special day for sure. Friends and family surrounded him the whole event. It was a great honor to have met him and his family. You are all very blessed!

Location of this event

Saladang Thai Food Restaurant

363 S. Fairview Ave.

Pasadena, CA 91105

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