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South Hills Country Club, West Covina, California - Wedding Venue Spotlight

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

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With so many options in the country club venues, this one stands out. The South Hills Country Club is located not far from the freeway, making it an easy find. The grounds are well kept and the staff are very professional and some were even extremely helpful. For that, we are most grateful.

So the big question for many, what are the costs? You can expect to pay around $11,000 for an average sized guest list, approx. 135 people - check for their current rates. The food looked amazing and despite the reception halls shape, it does allow for an area for the guests you know who will not want to be in direct line of the DJ sound system to be off to the side. Great for older and the very young as well. There is also space for a live band too. The ceremony location is away from the reception hall and you can either walk or be taken on golf carts. If you plan for a sunset wedding, please do consider taking as many group wedding photos before hand as possible as it will get dark in the canyon there very quickly.

Once your ceremony is over, you have an adjacent area that your friends and family can take advantage of for your cocktail hour. It is outside so plan accordingly. While the ceremony locations very pretty, the lower area of the waterfall can be a bit of a process to get to. The location will not drive you down to it. You and your vendors will have to make the journey by either walking or getting a 2 seater golf cart to be able to make the trip. This is the only venue at a golf course that I have ever seen that apparently will not take you to the club's prime locations for your romantics. In my case the video team (not ours) did not even try to come down, unfortunately.

The property supports approximately 400 people for your ceremony at the Rose Garden location and reception. A more intimate wedding will certainly be a better choice of around 100-200 guests to be realistic. Parking is easy as there is a large lot on the property. Expect to pay between $85-$133 per guest for your reception for food alone plus the sometimes unexpected costs like chairs etc. Most if not all venues charge for the smallest things from cake cutting to a microphone. It does add up quickly. This location appears to have two locations for the ceremony, although I only saw the smaller and further area, the Rose Garden area looks amazing and is likely a better location to help avoid facing the sunset, when it comes to photos and video anyway which at least gives you an option either way. Your guests looking at you with a sunset behind you can make for an either beautiful or difficult view.

2655 South Citrus

West Covina, CA 91791

626-339-1231 Ext. 101

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