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Michelle and David's Engagement Party December 2, 2023 Brandview Ballroom, Glendale, CA

Wedding Photography LAdigitalPhoto - Life Event Photographer Tom Keene ©

Wedding Ceremony Location - Brandview Ballroom, Glendale, CA

What can we say? We absolutely adored capturing these two love birds. David and Michelle and their entire family, were just great. Celebrating their cultures engagement day festivities was a blast. So many cultures do this process differently but I can say for sure this is one of the more fun ones.

Michelle's mom was a character. David, welcome to the family.

Now with David's family coming into the house, the event can really get started.

After a few speeches and some fun salesmanship, Michelle's family finally accepted and so it was off to get Michelle, who had been listening to the whole thing upstairs.

Up the stairs the ladies ran to get Michelle and welcome her into David's family.

Not that there was any chance she would say no, David awaited his beautiful fiance as she descended the stairs.

Celebration time!

I think Michelle may have given him a nice kiss, but it was a good color.

A couple hours later they were at the party in Glendale at the Brandview Ballroom. Such a festive night and a fun family.

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