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Consider An AirBnB Property As Your Wedding Venue - Spotlight Malibu Point Dume

We have had the honor over the years to capture real estate of many many homes for a handful of real estate agents. We have also been privileged to attend weddings by our clients who use AirBnB as their search for their venue. Since the beginning of Covid, this trend has increased exponentially. With many of these locations they not only make sense due to their costs vs. having family in hotels plus the cost of a venue but they simply provide an amazing and unique opportunity to enjoy these jaw dropping locations.

Malibu California is known for amazing views, weather and overall a laid back feeling. This property, that is just walking distance from Point Dume, is enormous and utterly beautiful. It has 3 bedrooms and can sleep 8 guests. There is also a great pool, TV, Kitchen, balcony and an unbelievable back lawn.

You will simply be blown away by the memories that we can capture for you at this location. We hope you consider it and others in the area. We'd love to be there for you.

Ready to book your time here? Visit this link.

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