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Altadena Engagement Location - Millard Falls

Located in the hills behind JPL, you will find a small trail that leads to Millar Falls. To park and take the hike you will need an Adventure Pass which runs $5 for the day or $30 a year. This small trail that crosses an always different path due to seasonal rain fall is just .5 miles long. Walking shoes are a must so bring something you would be comfortable in for your shoot. Feel free to bring something more dressy as we stop along the path, as this couple did. Jenny and Myles will be getting married at The La Canada Thursday Club later this year. See other couples who get married at the club here.

It was the first time for me to visit this location which is always fun to be able to find new places. The path can be tricky at times so if you are not in shape or willing to be an adventurer we can recommend other locations for you.

Jenny and Myles, like many (okay most) couples find it hard to start a session. Most of the first photos we ever shoot won't be used, but you never know and you have to start somewhere. After the initial fear factor wained, Myles was himself and Jenny was relaxed the whole way so you will see, if you look at their session, there is a sudden pop to them, how they look on camera and more importantly, how they look at each other.

Millar Falls, Altadena, CA


I thought I would also share some other photos of the journey and the final shot of the session, showing you, yes we can find your man's genuine smile after all. Below you will see some of the areas that you will have to navigate during the walk, some of what you will see and why this can be a great location for your engagement session.

My kids asked me if there was really a water fall so close to Pasadena. Yes, at this time of year (March) there was water falling from the 50 foot drop off of Millard Falls.

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