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Covid 19 - Your wedding reality in 2020 and beyond

You can see their wedding album by taking this link.

When it comes to planning your wedding where nothing seems to be stable these days, with guests' travel, event locations having to figure out if they will be open or not, and other details, getting married today can be a huge ordeal.

The key to planning your wedding in the environment comes down to one simple question. What is important to you both and what is not? You want to get married. What are your options? Let's take a look at the day for the couple above.

Originally, their wedding was to take place inside a church, and their reception was to take place at the La Canada Country Club. I think an original guest list count was around 200 with some coming from as far as half way around the world. Photo, video, and DJ services were booked a year in advance. In the end, it was completely downsized to include their wedding services outside the church, and a reception of only half of the family, and only their immediate family. There were no neighbors or distant cousins but a very intimate close family members only. So what is important to you?

Here are things to consider:

Where should I have my reception?

With venues forced to follow all but complete shutdown; going to a favorite location for your wedding, at least at the time of the writing of this blog in California, this is nearly not an option. At best I have seen receptions at such locations for 20 or fewer people and you still have the high costs and no way to have dancing during your celebration. Your best bet now it is to keep it small. Local churches can have outside ceremonies and some are allowing it inside as well. You can also do the whole thing at home, perhaps your parents' house or even rent a very nice Airbnb.

Is it worth waiting a year or more so you can have a bigger wedding than your cousin?

I can tell you, many cultures out there are just digging in their heels and waiting the long wait, simply because their family is insisting that 200 plus people need to attend the party. Sure, huge celebrations are great but at this rate how much longer will you have to wait. Some couples have decided to have a civic ceremony and a very small party or simply a couple's shoot after. Once this is behind us then they can do their ceremony at their church and a familiar event hall or country club. No one will know and you can get the jitters behind you and start living your life.

How much is too much and is simpler a better way to go?

I can tell you honestly, of course having a larger wedding is likely more memorable, at least to your guests, than a smaller affair but in order to keep costs down and in your pocket, doing an intimate event is much more beautiful and less stressful. You don't have to plan a dinner for a huge amount of people, you don't have to worry about paying for enormous table rentals and on and on. Keeping it something that just the two of you want and can envision will mean so much more to you in the end. And then just do a huge party later when things are safer and likely more welcoming for the rest of your family and friends.

In order to have a more traditional wedding, you are likely going to have to wait. Even city by city the overall pulse is so different out there. A wedding in Santa Monica right now is likely to look a lot different than one in Huntington Beach, and I can confirm that as a reality.

So if you decide to wait what should you do?

Find a great venue that will be flexible and do not sign anything without a confident flexibility on paper. I can provide you with a few that I know that are just as flexible as us. Your vendors will have to be the same, but again keep in mind that a lot of time is put into the planning from your vendors so be realistic and expect there to be consequences if you cancel a month of less away from your set date. The best way to avoid this is to stay in communication often and talk it through. Make sure the companies you choose can support backups if needed and be flexible on resetting a date if you need to and let your key vendors know before you set a date and sign up for another.

In the end, what is your goal? Just get married and show off that you got married? Make sure you know what you want and feel free to contact us anytime with any questions.

You can see their wedding album by taking this link.


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