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Pleasanton, CA Palm Event Center

When I heard the name of this venue I was perplexed. It sounded familiar but I could not picture it in my head. Once I arrived on location, I recognized it. I had shot an engagement session here over 8 years ago. What I was missing though is how astonished I was on the inside of the event location. Wow!

Upon arriving I was met by Jessica Downey the location event coordinator. In seconds, I was blown away. Charming and smiling and full of energy, sadly rare for many venues. She first showed myself and Tim are venue cart. A place to store our stuff as well as water and snacks. I have never seen this, ever!

The ceremony location was inside, rain was looming, in what I would call a normal barrel room for a winery. What was not normal is that it was not freezing cold as it is not, as best as I can tell, a real storage area for the winery. Beautifully lit with candles and lights above. The reception area was adjacent and protected from view of the guests. The unique room dividers kept the guests away, thank you, and allowed them to make their way to the other side where the bar was located. We were then walked over to the bridal room. Very pretty but a tight fit in a long or wide but shallow room. Still very pretty and well lit.

The outdoor areas were very nice and led to beautiful photos despite the wind and the stormy forecast. We had to be a bit creative do the gusts of wind and the wet grass but there are so many options here that you cannot go wrong.

The staff were simply the best. Led by Jessica, we heard of no complaints, the food was timely and outstanding. Very often as vendors, our meals are not the same as the guests. Jessica took care of our team. Matt, Tim and I all drove up from the LA area for this event. We spent the night before at a local hotel and this team made us feel at home. Thank you!

Now I won't go into our hotel, it had quality in its name so how could it not be great, but suffice it to say, that Matt, Tim and I will have stories to remember and laughs for years to come. Cold drink, being checked into the wrong room but our first names were the same so...., and we need to get back up there because we have to go check out the local pizza place, Red Ribbon. The local Mexican place was aces!

Now when it comes to the event, Matt, our preferred DJ, was at his very best. This was a small wedding. The average age was older than most and it was a Thursday. Everything I know about events like this would tell me that once they cut the cake it would be over. Tim and I had a wedding to get to back in LA at the Bonaventure. So we were out by 8:30pm. I told Matt, there was no way it would go until 11pm and he would be done around 9:30pm. I think he took that as a challenge. He took that group and ran it right and energized and didn't stop until 11pm. I wish I could have stayed to see it as I love to watch him do his work!

Photos above were capture on March 1, 2018, yes just three days ago. They are already up to be viewed at

Location : Palm Event Center in the Vineyard

1184 Vineyard Avenue Pleasanton, CA 94566

Photography : Tom Keene at LAdigitalPhoto

Videography : Tim at LAdigitalPhoto

Coordinator : Jessica Downey of Palm Event Center

DJ: Matt Nasby of Bouquet Sound

Officiant : unknown at time of posting


714-394-4263 <-- text us now


959 E. Colorado Blvd Ste #244

Pasadena, CA 91106

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