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Table Rock Beach, Laguna Beach

When it comes to engagement sessions, you really never know what you are going to walk into. Often it is the first time a client and the photographer meet face to face. This location has been used by countless photographers over the years but each time it's the clients who bring the difference. As I write this article in less than 2 days this image on our FB account has already been viewed 262 times. But what is it about this image that makes it so different? For me, it is not the bride and groom to be, or the sun flair. It's a sense of passion and the atmospherics that really pull this all together for me.

Above is the original edited image. I liked it, but it was still missing something. Despite the mountain cliff on the right which gave it depth it was a bit of a distraction. As I enlarged it, I noticed that what I thought might be ocean spray on my lens was captured physical sand and water passing over them. With the storms having just finished but another on the way, the waves at Table Rock were at least 6 ft high and often as high as 10 feet. I scrolled back to the image below to make sure it wasn't my lens that was covered. We had just moved a pile of debris that had kept me from getting a straight on shot. I wish I had also moved back to this other position to capture more but it was already getting cold so I got them up the stairs.

Cudos to Dr. Mike for holding this position for the better part of 3 minutes and to Cara for having the vision in her head that started this moment to be captured. I love it when clients bring their ideas.

Can't wait to capture yours!

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