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Kimberly and Siasia Wedding October 25, 2023 The Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Wedding Photography LAdigitalPhoto - Life Event Photographers, Tom and Susan © 2023. Ceremony & Reception Location - Sunset Cliffs and The Cosmopolitan Hotel, San Diego

The Current Company Venue Oceanside, CA Wedding Photography by Tom Keene photographer LAdigitalPhoto

Siasia and Kimberly's pinky promise to each other before they took their selfies.

After having a couple of hot days, and some foggy ones, Siasia and Kimberly had the most perfect weather for their beach wedding that was later celebrated at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town San Diego District.

Upon arrival, Susan and spent time with each bride, and their getting ready. The locations were perfect and light. Everyone was everywhere running around trying to get ready. A totally normal wedding day!


Siasia's colors just popped and the red and orange definitely made Kimberly's hair shine.


Kimberly's dress was equally attention grabbing. Everyone mentioned they could not wait to see her in it. First, we had to do some detail shots and then it was run run run.


These fall colors were just perfect for the day.


Kimberly wrote a very heart felt letter to Siasia. There were a lot of tears of joy and passion this day. I mean a lot. Siasia was tearful most of the day. I think it was an emotional overload. A day these two lovebirds had wanted for sometime.

The Current Company Venue Oceanside, CA Wedding Photography by Tom Keene photographer LAdigitalPhoto

This was one of the largest wedding groups in a long time. Twelve in all with both sides and that is without the two brides.

Before the ceremony started, we captured their first look and then traveled to the sea cliffs for the ceremony. On the stairs of the hotel, we brought them together and with the request of the court, they wanted to see it too.

Below are some fun moments of the day. Their last kiss before their wedding. The ladies with some down time before driving over to the ceremony location. I know, I always enjoy capturing the various birds at beach weddings. So many never look up so I make sure to capture the whole day.

Both brides were simply stunning. You can see Siasia's excitement as she watched Kimberly approach. Yep, lot's of selfies with these two. But that is okay, we got them sneaking in a shot here and there too.

If you are curious, I'd have to say about 40% of all couples that do a first look. I do recommend them and in fact we have a great timeline explaining how to plan your day with a first look.

What a fantastic couple. Susan and I had a great time capturing their day. Take the link below to see all their photos.

Here are the locations for the day

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