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Huntington Library Event Fees

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

So I get asked often for couples to shoot their engagement sessions at the beautiful grounds of the Huntington Library. Now this information is as of July 20, 2021 and I recommend that you contact them at . But as of today, the fees are as follows: (go sit down!)

A 3 hour session for any photography purpose such as portraits, engagement sessions the fee is $1100. If you want to have a golf cart take you around the property it is an additional $250. If you want to include a videographer, yes it is an additional $250 for that and can only include one person and one camera per professional. No tripods may be used and no extra lighting. Reservations are at least 30 days out and no further than 6 months.

A wedding ceremony starts at $50,000. Ceremony and reception start at $150,000.

So what are some other options? If the $1100+ rate by this location is too much for you, we can also recommend the Los Angeles Arboretum and Descanso Gardens. We will get the current rates for those shortly and update this blog entry..

Updated 11/9/21... The Los Angeles Arboretum fee for up to 10 guests and 2-3 hours is $75 and it is not clear if that includes admission or if you have to pay for entry on top of the photo permit.

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